How to Improve Swim Technique

Parents are always wondering how they can get their kids to improve at swimming. They notice their child has a lot of fun in the pool, but they are not sure if their technique is spot on. It is an understandable concern, as swimming technique is not something that comes naturally to most people.

Taking Lessons

breaststroke drills

The only way that your child is going to improve at swimming is with practice. It is one of those sports where you will get what you put in. Say you are swimming a couple times a month – you will see minor improvement. If you are working out in the pool each day, you will come on leaps and bounds.

Joining a Swim Club

If there is a limited offering of swim classes at your child’s school, you may want to consider enrolling them in a swim club. A lot of parents assume that swim clubs are only useful if your child wants to become a competitive swimmer. That is not true.

Sure, they are useful for elite swimmers. But your child does not have to become the next Michael Phelps if you let them join a swim club. The benefit is they get to do breaststroke drills and other exercises with swimmers in their skill group.

Coaching Breeds Improvement

Young children need instruction and discipline. If you want your child to improve at their swimming technique, the coaching they can get at a swim club is the best way to make it happen. They will learn so much from their coaches and peers. They will be placed in appropriate groups based on skill.

If your child loves to swim, let them join a swim club. The memberships are very affordable these days. They will have a lot of fun, improve their technique and boost their overall athletic ability.

Posted by Trenton